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Hip-Hop DetoxX   a 501c3 Public Health Organization


HEALTH: "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  - World Health Organization (WHO)


As a Public Health  organization, our focus includes ...

  • improving families and communities
  • healthy lifestyle choices
  • promoting healthy behaviors
  • providing leadership training
  •  violence prevention.              
  • providing both preventive and interventive services
  •  education
  • programs
  • Trauma informed services 

 Hip Hop DetoxX has many facets , dimensions , formats and people who take part in the "Hip-HOP EMPOWERMENT" process (utilizing Hip-Hop & Pop culture as a learning tool).  Yet this approach uses Hip-Hop(Truth Without Boundaries) to facilitate critical thinking and healthy life-style choices and habits for the purposes of addressing problems conflicts and issues and to reduce violence in the urban environment which are integral parts of what is defined as public health according to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION


This approach stresses the use of media and popular culture to teach urban youth critical thinking skills that informs them of their cultural heritage and initiates positive social development. This approach also helps cancel out the negative imaging constantly fed to urban youth at home through their televisions and in public space through aggressive marketing campaigns. The strength and influence of the Pop culture on youth in today’s society is undeniable. The specific strengths presented through the organization’s activities infuse a customizable curriculum designed to awaken the skills, gifts, talents and virtues that lay dormant and wasted within urban YOUTH.

Hip-Hop Detoxx programs assists elementary through collegiate intitutions, hospitals , city, state & and govenment agencies, comunity social service and faith based organizations  around the nation in their efforts to reduce violence and negative behaviors that currently impede sustainable progress which ultimately impact our society and our future with overwhelming public health economic and social challenges.  We assist via student, parent,neighborhood and professional workshops, seminars, events and in/after school prograns and assemblies.

While offering more than a concert, a play/musical, open mic poetry set, or motivational experience, HHD provides an experience that offers a seamless synthesis of truth that challenges conventional perceptions and attitudes woven & intertwined with engaing and penetrating processes, exercises, visuals and cultural expressions. 

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